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Courses and Programs

These programs are great for those looking to expand their creative knowledge, gain introspection through reflective pieces, get to know themselves better and for businesses looking to drum up writing content for social media or blogs.

After speaking to more than a few people, it became known that there is a need to go beyond to progress further than just setting the goals and making it a true change in our lives.

These programs are about creativity in all forms: writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, singing, business management... All the creative avenues. We NEED to support our true selves by honouring the creative drive. I look to support creatives for LASTING change, going beyond just putting plans on paper. 

Are you ready to expand your creative knowledge, gain introspection through reflective pieces, get to know yourself better and drum up writing content for social media or blogs?


Each course includes:

  • Unique grounding exercises

  • Access to pdf workbooks

  • Unique activities and creative exercises

  • Opportunity to create content for business, social media or blogs

  • Instructional videos

  • Modules

  • Guest speakers

  • Access to private groups

  • Personal support in navigating your personal journey of self-discovery​

  • Access to recording if sessions missed


Although often taken by individuals, these courses can be facilitated in: homes, schools, corporate businesses, organizations, and small businesses… the possibilities are endless!

Custom pricing is available dependent on the size of the group.

These programs are designed to bring together people of all skill levels, from beginners to experts with open minds looking to explore their writing ability while still honouring and navigating their journey of self-discovery.
No prior experience or understanding of writing techniques is necessary. 

Freedom to Be
Journey Through Healing
4 Week Program 

The lack of motivation associated with any illness or life change can often be debilitating and fear-inducing. This creates a feeling of worthlessness, and a circle of self-defeat and depression clouds our goals and happiness.  


Whether it's an illness, disease, injury, grief, mental health or simply the drastically changing environment that we live in, reconnecting with the strength within is important. Supported by techniques and styles while reflecting on who we are as individuals in this ever-changing world, I will guide you to identify and explore your many layers while working through unique and interactive activities to open the mind and creative pathways.

Workbook and Guided Program Available Soon!


Life Unleashed Writing
8 Week Program 

This Program welcomes you to try different writing styles and develop better writing habits. 


As your writing coach, I first guide you through a series of grounding exercises to open your mind and creative pathways while preparing you to unleash your inner creativity. Next, we use writing exercises and life-related prompts to learn the skills. 


Each week you will learn different styles, including:

  • Journal Writing

  • Descriptive Writing

  • Persuasive Writing

  • Myths and Fantasy

  • Life Stories and Documentation

  • Affirmations and Badass Mindfulness

  • Poetry and Lyrics

  • Impactful endings

By sharing your written pieces and commenting on other participants, you will gain confidence and clarity in your favourite styles while looking at your life through a different lens.  

Workbook and Guided Program Available Soon!


Creatively You: Release the Badass Creative in You
8 Week Program 


This Course allows you to dive deeper into your creative journey and success. No messing about, no fear or hesitations, just getting down to it. As a writing coach, author, and content creator, I will teach you to set goals, identify your mind traps, gain productivity and replenish/ fuel your creativity. 

Section 1: Conquer Your Creative Goals

Still not getting the results you declared on New Year's Day? Good news, YOU decide when you are ready to start, not the calendar! Why not set the stage for success by taking ownership of your desires and starting where you are NOW. This section dives deeper into your wants and aspirations while helping you stop procrastination, hold on to motivation, reclaim inspiration and set ATTAINABLE goals!


Section 2: Release Your Creative Fears

It doesn't matter what form of creative activity or level you participate in; when fear and apprehension creep in, our minds shut down, and we experience roadblocks. The big problem? Most of us have no idea what our fear looks like or the warning signs that it's about to rear its ugly head. Session 2 aims to create an in-depth plan and momentum towards your REAL life goals by releasing your inner badass and showing you how to face your fears head-on!

Session 3: Supporting Your Badass Creative Self!

For many, these past few years have been filled with unpredictability, pressure, division and stress pushing us beyond our limits of comfort. For others, it's been a time of reconnection, looking at how we are living life and redefining who we are now that life has changed. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is so important to nourish ourselves after we pour our souls into our creative endeavours. It's so important to make sure that we are able to identify our needs, what fuels us, lights our fire and keeps us grounded.


Session 4: Gain creative success through YOUR productive habits

For some of us, creating is a daily activity that we embark on for personal development, business content, enjoyment or necessity, but it can quickly become a challenge. We put pressure on ourselves to create perfect pieces but find ourselves procrastinating or staring at a blank screen, immobilized by the weight of our goals.

Workbook and Guided Program Available Soon!

Warrior You Mental
Self-Defence Course 
8 Week Program 

As humans, society often dictates that we have to navigate the good, the bad, the exciting and the downright infuriatingly frustrating times with grace without showcasing our real emotions. It's a myth that life is always golden, and quite often, we are told that if we work REALLY hard, we'll live amazing lives where all things are sunshine and cupcakes like we so often see on social media. Nope. False. Negative. You can plan, shield yourself, and try to avoid the darkness all you want, but part of life is riding the waves and taking on those gloomy days when you'd swear the universe has conspired to royally piss you off.


As a past personal trainer, martial arts competitor and motivational leader, I will teach you to use actual self-defence techniques and specific mantras/ affirmations to strike back against and release your negative thoughts and promote feelings of strength and worthiness.

Workbook and Guided Program Available Soon!


Discovering Badass Mindfulness 
4 Week Program 

This course looks at both the positive and negative aspects of your life while teaching you how to use the negatives to your advantage. Instead of simply continuing with life in a place of restraint or not living up to what you feel is your potential, you will shed the feelings of negativity and replace them with practical positive action.

It encourages you to harness the badass strength we ALL have within us. Whether you're quiet, outgoing, creative or logical, we all have abilities that we can learn to use to make our lives easier, raise our vibration and build our self-esteem. This course strips away expectations and false beliefs of our society to instead celebrate our differences and "negative qualities" (SUPERPOWERS) and teach different kinds of self-care that will help showcase your unique, confident and powerful self.

Workbook and Guided Program Available Soon!


Independently You:
Release and Flow with Change 
4 Week Program 

Global change, the Pandemic, war, change; these past few years have been a time of fear, sadness, growth, reflection, hardship and refocus. It's a time unlike any that many of us have ever experienced, often pushing us beyond our comfort limits. As the world reopens and takes a new shape, I believe that we should enter into new ways of life that work for us as unique individuals. 


For many of us, the old ways just aren't working. Rushing from point A to point B, feeling as though we didn't have the time to stop and enjoy the moment, enjoy our time with family, to dive headfirst into creative projects. We have developed new habits and new hobbies during this pause and learned what it is to tap into our true desires.


Shed your old ways that no longer serve and step into a way of living that works for your unique life, needs and happiness. Join me as we reintroduce ourselves to our new lives. 

Workbook and Guided Program Available Soon!


Badass Mother’s Course 
8 Week Program 

Being a mother is hard; constant judgement, questioning if we are doing the right thing, opinions on how we should be living from just about everyone while having limited time to recover after strenuous days. We have beautiful children that we are trying to guide and protect,  but what about us? 


The Badass Mother course is a judgement-free zone where you can shake off expectations and just be you! This is the place for you to rediscover who you are, gain support to navigate/ plan your life, release frustration and document all aspects of motherhood. During each 2 hour session, we will use creative elements, grounding exercises, expert guest speakers, and tools to commemorate, heal and find our inner badasses!


Do you have a group of mothers who want to travel this path together? You organize the group, and I’ll provide resources; special pricing is available.

Workbook and Guided Program Available Soon!

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