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Badass Mother’s Program




4 weeks

About the Course

This goes out to all the Badass Mothers out there keeping it together not only for their families, their babes, their jobs, friends, pets… AND for themselves!

Being a mother is hard; constant judgement, questioning if we are doing the right thing, opinions on how we should be living from just about everyone while having limited time to recover after strenuous days. We have beautiful children that we are trying to guide and protect, but what about us?

The Badass Mother course is a judgement-free zone where you can shake off expectations and just be you! This is the place for you to rediscover who you are, gain support to navigate/ plan your life, release frustration and document all aspects of motherhood. During each 2 hour session, we will use creative elements, grounding exercises, expert guest speakers, and tools to commemorate, heal and find our inner badasses!

Do you have a group of mothers who want to travel this path together? You organize the group, and I’ll provide resources; special pricing is available.

Your Instructor

Kimberley Rivando- Robb

My name is Kimberley Rivando-Robb, and I wear many hats. I identify as a weird, upbeat, quirky woman with a zest for living life outside the box! I've completed my English Language and Literature degree, a postgraduate degree in Journalism New Media, and a diploma as a Personal Support Worker. As an upbeat and quirky woman, I gain passion and inspiration from the environment, personal self-care and observing the complex nature of human life. Strength, support, and creativity are components that I believe to be necessities to life, necessities I’m happy to provide to my clients.

After years of completing various courses, programs and gaining knowledge, I bring to you these courses that are an amalgamation of my findings and observations to help you thrive in life.

Kimberley Rivando- Robb
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