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Fireside Stories-
Human Library Podcast

With this video podcast I’m looking to improve connection and storytelling not only in my immediate community but worldwide. I truly believe that one of our problems as a human race is that we have social media platforms that show us highlights of life, snippets of the truth, really. The issue? We don’t take the time to truly listen to each other’s stories or find the connections that tie us together. The human journey is made up of so many layers, and I want to peel back those layers and get to know who you are underneath.

The goal is to reconnect, slow down and travel back to a time when humans sat around fires and shared their best, exciting tales and created verbal stories that others passed on, legacies.


RetroScripts Writes Blog

The RetroScripts Writes blog is a place where people can find a wide range of information from coping techniques, excerpts from healthcare providers, and companies that offer support in Ontario, to real-life musings, thoughts and words of encouragement. 

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RetroScripts Writes

RetroScripts brings together people of various skill levels with open minds and creative souls looking to explore their writing abilities while still honouring and navigating their journey of self-discovery. 

As an author, writing coach, and unique programs creator, I work with individuals looking to expand their creativity, gain confidence in themselves and their writing, and embark on a journey that looks at life through a clear lens.  

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