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RetroScripts Creates is the outgoing, crazy business sister to the nerdy, organized RetroScripts Writes. 


She holds space for creativity within the artists, musicians, painters, bakers, cooks, designers, writers, actors, dancers, potters, and architects... Creatives of all kinds!


You know, those who express themselves using paint, words, music, dance, pictures and all the creative mediums to flow through life, refusing to be boxed in by the constraints of society. It's the wild, free spirit connected to nature and the younger, more daring version of oneself.


We live a life filled with creation, marching to the beat of our own drum, untamed and unapologetic.


Welcome to RetroScripts Creates! We welcome you to talk, dance, shout and share your creative work without limitations! I'm talking to all of you artists, musicians, painters, designers, writers, actors, dancers, potters, small business owners... CREATIVES!

Release your stress, gain creative freedom and open your mind!
This group is a safe place for creatives of all levels and capabilities to gain motivation, find tips and step outside the boundaries as we share our experiences.

What can you expect from RetroScripts Creates?

Kindness- We are all walking our own unique path through life, and there will be NO JUDGEMENT from us! We have lived our pasts, and we look forward to our futures. The decisions that we have made are our own, and unless you have personally walked in another person's footprints, you are not at liberty to judge or comment unjustly on anyone's actions.

Openness- To new possibilities and new ways of doing things. During our courses and workshops, I encourage others to comment on the work being presented. If someone does share a tip or a tidbit that might help, please be fearless and push the boundaries of your style.

Trust- In both yourself and others. I've taught many classes and courses, and the thing I always hear is "I'm not creative" or "I can't _________, I'm not creative enough." We are essentially all storytellers because, as humans, we LOVE to share and document the things that have happened in our lives with others. Being creative is just a way to record those stories, the fantasies and that which we want to further explore. If you can pick up a pen in my book, you're halfway to becoming a badass writer. A paintbrush? You're a painter. The list goes on and on.

Support- If at any time you are overwhelmed with your thoughts, find yourself too deep in your reflection or need support, please don't hesitate to call, text, or message me. Talking through your writing and just knowing someone is on the other end sometimes helps.

Creativity- Create without restraint. Put that pen to paper and watch what pours from you, and don't be afraid of it! Dance without limits, paint without fear of blending colours, hike and truly feel. Make those mistakes we were all taught NEVER to do when we were in school and break the rules!

This is a place for uniqueness and to be unapologetically you!

Let’s Work Together

Kimberley Rivando- Robb

Professional Disrupter

Tel: 289-971-0515

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