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Calling all you artists, musicians, painters, bakers, cooks, designers, writers, actors, dancers, potters, small business owners and architects... Creatives of all kinds!


About Kimberley 

Professional Disrupter. Writer. Witchy. Badass. Environmentalist.

Animal Rescuer. Mother. Wife. Living Life Unapologetically!

While Kimberley wears many hats, she identifies as a weird, upbeat, quirky woman with a zest for living life outside the box. She gains passion and inspiration from the environment, personal self-care and observing the complex nature of human life. Strength, support, and creativity are components that she believes to be necessities to life, necessities that she’s happy to provide to her clients.

Our mistakes, the pieces of ourselves that we deem broken,

the ugly cracks we try to hide hold so much beauty and power.

My goal is to make everyone see the awesomeness within themselves. 

- Kimberley Rivando- Robb

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Suspension Bridge
“Kimberley's compassion for the human spirit is evident in her meditations and mantras.  She has the DNA to inspire, uplift and encourage your progress through this writing experience.  Her unapologetic, non-judgemental, and interactive approach to Life Unleashed Writing makes one want to forge forward and become a better communicator.  Do I recommend Life Unleashed Writing - ABSOLUTELY!! YES!!”

Theresa S, Interior Decorator

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